Sjoerd Vonk

In my world map art, my goal is to show the beauty of both the organized and the organic.

I love wood; the colors, the designs, the warmth; the allure of a beautiful grain pattern and the comfort of a smoothly sanded surface. Wood has a potential and willingness to be shaped into something unique and beautiful.

I love math; its preciseness and ability to create order are beautiful to me. Numbers and geometry intrigue and inspire me toward new designs.

I also love world maps. Always have. The unique shape of the continents, the altitude differences, the colors of the landscape; they speak to me. And they make a great place for wood and math to converge.

Wood, math and world maps; That’s my art.

I’m also a perfectionist. And I’m drawn by the idea of perfect harmony between the seemingly incompatible of the organic (wood) and the organized (stylized design). I want my designs to display the beauty that is in the wood, and vice versa.

Art is my way to express the discoveries I make in life.

My overarching goal is to capture and visualize what captivates me on life’s journey. As human beings, we experience this world through objects, people and circumstances. A constant quest for discovery.

Words do not always suffice to express the discoveries I make. So I use art. My heart discerns what is good, my hands express it. May you be inspired by my creations and encouraged to continue your walk.


When I graduated a master’s degree in Industrial Design in 2013, I felt drawn toward expressing creativity with my hands. Something I used to do a lot when I was younger. That year, I made my first wooden artwork; a world map. Since then, I have designed many world maps and other 3D panels.

The majority of my portfolio consists of 3D panels. In these first years of my career as an artist, I have developed a unique art style, using wood to create 3D images. With this style I have designed and created world maps, cityscapes and other images.